How To Easily Remove Caramel Stains?

If you love caramel then you have most likely dropped some on your clothing at some point. Recently, I was eating ice cream and I added a lot of caramel topping on it. While I was eating it I got it all over my shirt. I completely panicked and didn’t immediately remove it (which is exactly what you need to do).

As time passed, the caramel hardened and it became an even bigger mess which I had to figure out how to clean.

I must admit, caramel stains are really stubborn. It has sugar, butter, and food colouring which makes the stain greasy and very sticky.

How To Remove Caramel Stains From Clothes?

Now, once you notice the stain you need to grab ice and place it on the caramel. That way it will be easier to remove it. Grab a spoon and lift off as much of the caramel as possible. Then damp a towel/ cloth and blot the area.

The next thing you need to do is actually start treating the stain. I mixed a tablespoon of water with 3 tablespoons of borax. I mixed it and applied it to the affected area. Leave the solution on the surface for 20 minutes then rinse with cold water.

If the stain remains (it probably will) continue with the second treatment. Grab laundry detergent and cover the stain with it. Rub it in with your fingers (but be gentle). Wait for a few minutes then rinse with hot water. If the stain is removed – wash the clothing item as usual.

If the stain remains then you can use white vinegar or lemon juice. Apply one of these ingredients with a sponge on the affected area and then rinse it.