Cleaning your bathroom can be time-consuming and pretty unpleasant. There are some very useful hacks for cleaning and disinfecting it that won’t waste your time.

– Stop your mirrors from getting foggy

All you need is shaving foam. Apply it to the mirror then remove it with kitchen paper. This hack will stop your mirrors from fogging when you are showering.

– Clean your windows and leave them shiny

Make a mixture of vinegar, water, and rubbing alcohol. You can use this to clean windows, and mirrors while you leave them shiny.

– Clean your toilet

You need two ingredients – baking soda and vinegar. Pour the mixture into the toilet (equal parts of the baking soda and vinegar), and grab the toiler brush to wipe.

– Make your shower head sparkle again

So as time passes by your shower head is going to start getting dirty covered in limescale. You can clean it by removing it and putting it in a bowl that is full of vinegar and baking soda. This will both clean the showerhead as well as leave it sparkling.

– Make your taps sparkle again

Rub the taps with lemon, leave for a couple of minutes, then rinse. Another hack I have is to pour some baking soda on a toothbrush and scrub the taps.

– Clean the bath

Make a mixture of grapefruit and salt, then use it to scrub your bath with it. When done, rinse it with water.