I am certain that most of you own an air fryer. I must admit that it makes cooking so much easier and the fact that you can use less oil yet still get perfectly crispy fried food is incredible.

But you also need to make sure you clean it properly so that it lasts you a long time and it performs well – after all, the heat won’t be able to distribute evenly if the interior is covered in burnt food and grease.

How to Easily Clean an Air Fryer?

When you are cleaning your air fryer, it needs to be unplugged and cold so if you just used it, wait for it to cool down before you continue.

Of course, the first step is removing the basket, tray, and all other removable parts and washing them by hand in hot soapy water. You can also put them in the dishwasher if you have one.

If you don’t have a dishwasher and the basket has food and grease on it, I recommend you fill the sink with hot water, add a few drops of liquid soap, and let the removable parts soak so the impurities can loosen up. You can also use a scrub brush or a sponge to remove them.

Once everything is clean, dry them with a cloth.

Next, dampen a sponge and add a drop or two of liquid soap. With that, you will wipe the interior opening of the air dryer before you place the removable parts back.

Then dampen a clean cloth, wipe once again so you remove the soap, and dry with a third cloth.

I recommend you do this cleaning after two or three uses of the air dryer but in some cases, you may also need to do this after every use depending on what you are cooking.