If you love cooking then you probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen which means one thing – you make a huge mess in there plus all of your kitchen appliances get dirty very fast. And because I know you want to use a kitchen that is clean rather than super messy, disorganized, greasy, and dirty, I will share some of my favourite cleaning hacks that you have to try. They make kitchen cleaning a lot easier and less time-consuming!

So without any further ado, let’s get started with cleaning your kitchen!

Top 3 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks You Must Try!

– Clean your oven with dishwashing tablets!

Yes, you read that right – you can deep clean your oven with dishwashing tablets. It’s super easy and effective because dishwashing tablets are created to get rid of greasy stains, leftover food, dirt, and all sorts of other impurities that you can find in an oven. So grab one tablet, fill a bowl of water, damp the tablet in the water and start wiping it all over the interior of the oven. When you notice that the tablet starts has dried up, dampen it again and continue.

Once you are done, wipe the interior with a damp cloth a few times so you get rid of all the loosened up impurities and grease as well as the residue from the tablet!

– Clean and unclog the faucet with vinegar

There is this amazing bathroom cleaning hack where you clean your shower head by letting it sit in vinegar overnight. Well, I use the same technique to clean and unclog the faucet in my kitchen. I simply fill a small bag with vinegar, place it over the faucet then tie it with a rubber band. I let it sit overnight then remove the bag and rinse the faucet! Yes, it’s that easy!

– Clean your dishwasher with vinegar

Vinegar is one of the best natural cleaners you can use. As you can see, I tend to clean a lot of things in my kitchen with it.

Once a month, I like to fill a cup with vinegar, place it in my dishwasher then run a full hot cycle. Do not place any utensils or plates in the appliance because you need to let the vinegar do its magic.

Once you do that, I recommend you run another empty hot cycle so you get rid of the vinegar smell!